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things not to say to people with trich

  • "just sit on your hands"

  • "why are you doing that to your hair, it was so pretty before"

  • "just choose to stop, it's your decision"

  • "you're doing this on purpose"

  • "you're thinking about shaving your head? that's just crazy."

  • "you're not even trying to stop"

  • "nobody wants a bald girlfriend"

  • "doesn't it hurt?"

  • "why can't you just stop?"

  • "that's gross"

  • "you're gonna go bald"

  • "you know someday the hair just won't

  • grow back"

  • "you're just doing this for attention"

  • "just stop playing with your hair"

  • I appreciate if you're trying to help, but these phrases don't. Trichotillomania is a condition, not a choice, and millions of people around the world suffer from the trauma it produces. Spread the word. Stop the stigma.

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